Monday, March 8, 2010


Gone. Let’s face it. It’s gone. While we were in awe and wonder at what had transpired in the lifetime of our parents, we must face that what has been in our lives is gone or forever changed.

Dial phone. Gone. Land lines. Mostly gone. We are a society of cell phones that for one low price can call nationwide. So I guess that means that long distance is gone with virtual calling. Oh, wait, we can also call from our computers. Hm. Oh wait, our computers can work through our phones.

Gone are the days of creating a meal after least 30 minutes to 1 hour of cooking in the kitchen. I had a full pot roast dinner after 20 minutes of cooking in the microwave and oven complete with pot roast, mashed potatoes, corn and baked bread. Didn’t even have time to break into a sweat.

Gone. No more driving to the mall to shop. Hop onto the internet and anything and everything can be purchased and sent directly to your door.
Stamps. Gone. We no longer pay bills via paper. Heck, we don’t even go to the bank to do our banking. Everything is direct deposit, automatic withdrawal, and most everything else you want to do.

Gone. Landfills. If you live in Oregon, soon, hopefully, trash containers will be obsolete with recycling and composting. Earth friendly products will take over those which are not.

Saturated fats and cigarettes. Gone. Bad things going because people are trying to live longer.

Wrinkles. Well, if you want to smile forever, a bit of Botox and some surgery and you can look good as new. Can probably even be smiling in your casket.

Outhouses are gone. This is a good thing; however, I haven’t seen much improvement over the years on that front yet.

Pencils and pens. Not gone but not used as often.

Fuel products. Another front where we are moving forward in good ways.
Board games and family time. Endangered. Video games and wide range of activities away from the home seem to threaten the family core.

So from whence have we come since I was a child? Technology has been the winner in taking us to new frontiers. I just wonder what we have really gained in the journey. I miss the slower life of Neff Road and the time people took to be neighbors.

Neff Road. Never gone.

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