Friday, March 12, 2010


So I decided to take back to my class gathering old pictures, memory books and other things I found loose in my old scrapbooks.

In truth, I thought it might be fun to show my granddaughters at some point that their grandma was not much different than them in her interests. Just a bit more dated.

I giggled and laughed at the things I had saved. Old streamers from pompoms. Newspaper articles about friends who made the news: Miss Chick, Pumpkin Show queen, etc. We used to tell fortunes. I saved two that are now yellowed and ratty looking. Old programs, bulletins, school newspaper clips, all reflecting the girl I was those many years ago.

My old pictures reside in an old trunk. At one time they were all separated by year. Now they are in shoeboxes packed by size of what fits into each box. I pulled out pictures of 1st graders, birthday parties, school dances.

One of my ‘most fun’ finds was a small envelope. Inside were two folded notes from Doug:

Note #1:

Dear Pam,
I have liked you for a long time and I was wondering if you liked me. If there is somebody else tell me and I won’t stop you. Please write back by Thursday. Leave the note in your desk. Please don’t tell anybody about this.


Now I’m pretty sure the time has passed on the above restriction of telling anyone about the note. I believe I received these notes in the 7th grade. We changed classes and evidently Doug and I shared the same desk. I am pleased to know that Doug was not going to stop me from liking someone else.

Note #2:

Dear Pam,

Have you changed your mind? Please write back and give it to Anita today.


Well, I never dated Doug so would assume that I didn’t change my mind. And, I’m glad I saved the notes. They are a reminder of a time of innocence. And, the fact that I saved them probably shows that I didn’t have many boys vying for my attention.

After 45 years we will gather once more. We will catch up on one another’s lives. We will celebrate our youth. We will go our separate ways once more.

Maybe I’ll add a few momentos from this visit to those from the past. Maybe Doug will look better at 62.

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