Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Click My Heels

“I feel like I’m meeting an old friend,” I wrote to Gary on Facebook.

“Me, too,” he answered.

Gary Allread grew up on Red River-West Grove Road. He was just a little boy when I knew the family. His Aunt Karen was in the grade below me and a good friend. He was one of the neighbor kids who played at the house back the lane on Neff Road.

Gary and I found each other on Facebook. We started chatting like old friends. He connected me once more with his aunt closing that gap of years.

“I would have known you anywhere,” he said as we rushed to meet one another at the Alumni Banquet. We hugged as old friends do, his 6+’ frame towering over me.

“So are you coming to Oregon to visit me?” I asked as people began to leave the banquet.

“Yes, I will now that we have met. I think it would great fun.”

For years I was separated from the comings and goings on Neff Road. Facebook brought me back to the neighborhood introducing me to a new generation.

Yes, indeed, I can click my heels and go home time and time again. Or, maybe is should rephrase: I can click my computer and be surrounded by friends from home time and time again.

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