Monday, May 10, 2010

Brothers and Sisters

“Get me out of here,” I yelled. The plea fell on empty ears. My best friend’s brother would no more help me up the bridge abutment than he would a rabid dog. Of course, he helped his sister, but not his sister’s best friend.

Neff Road siblings were my siblings as well. Geneva and Marilyn watched over the younger kids. Brenda’s sister and brother treated me the same as Brenda. Sometimes it was good and sometimes it was not. Carol would yell at me just the same as my sisters and Bill had nothing to do with either of the little girls. All of us played softball in Lavy’s pasture. The big kids chose teams. I was the last to be chosen because I was inept when it came to sports. It was brothers and sisters on Neff Road.

Our homes were all very different, yet we felt as much at home in their homes as we did our own. Parents treated us with the same discipline, the same tenderness, the same concern as they did their own.

My aunt and uncle also lived on Neff Road. Again, it was a place we Loxley girls were thrilled to visit. Aunt Kate and Uncle Keith loved to play games. Their home was big with many rooms, the upstairs empty of furniture. We were allowed to ramble and our imaginations to soar. Another home on Neff Road.

When I go back to Neff Road, I once again walk through that portal called home. Even though the neighbors are changed, I am still embraced by the memories and by a few neighbors who know the past of our ‘family’.

Bill came back and saved me from the rising water along the creek. He wasn’t happy about it, but I’m sure he knew if he didn’t Brenda would tell that he was the one who left me to drown.

Neff Road. Brothers and sisters.

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