Wednesday, May 12, 2010

On The Wind

Sniff the air. Smell it? Close your eyes. What do you smell? For a farm girl visiting, it was the smell of the home.

In Key West, the air is fresh from the ocean breeze except when you pass a nasty trash can. Sometimes the scent was floral in essence. Once in awhile the breeze carried the smell of the ocean. Many times the smell of food from the outdoor restaurants drifted by. And, at the docks the of smell fish.

In Virginia, we smelled chicken farms and hints of spring freshness in the air. In Indiana, horses, the lakes and in Jobi’s barn, pigs.

Of course, in Ohio spring smells had not yet been invaded by manure on the fields or hogs in open aired barns. The air was crisp carrying the scent of trees and rich, dark soil, the smell of straw in the barn and fresh budding flowers. It was the smell that tells each of us where we came from.

My children always commented that my parents’ home back the lane on Neff Road had a smell all its own. Not a bad smell. Not a smell of people. No, a smell of Grandma and Grandpa’s house. I know that smell. It is the smell of the nest I grew up in.

I was drawn back to memories of other homes. Grandad’s house always smelled of grapes and another very earthy smell of maybe damp soil and wood. Pop and Mom’s house smelled of the root celler and pop’s pipe. Smells that took me through my life reminding me of the people who lived in these homes.

My grandchildren have commented on the smell in my house, a smell of candles and probably dryer sheets. A smell that is only mine imbedded in all I own. It is what happens when we build our nests. It is what calls this place my home.

With allergies peaking, my smeller is not working so well. Still I can close my eye and remember the smells and visit those homes once more. Stick your head out the window. Savor the smells that surround you. You may not notice but on the wind rides your memories.

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