Friday, June 25, 2010

Illusive Rooster

It started with a small patch, these hens and chicks, growing to larger and larger patches. Mom's hens and chicks.

Mom had hens and chicks along side the garage. They grew in abundance and were part of the landscape we remember. When the farm was divided, I took some of them back here to Oregon with me. Luckily, they shipped well. At the time I was living in an apartment so the little green critters had to live in clay pots until I bought my house. Never much of a gardner, I found that having a little yard to dig in was therapy and good for the weary soul. Mom's hens and chicks found it a place to propagate.

Soon my daughter had Grandma's hens and chicks taking over her flowerbed as well. The hens and chicks seem to love this 'O' state as much as the other one. My son will be moving before long from a condo to a house.  A patch of hens and chicks are waiting until that happens to join his family as well. Who knows? Someday they might even reside in my granddaughter's gardens.

Mom would be tickled to know that the plants she nurtured and grew are tagging along with my family. Of course she would say, "Don't they have them out there? You gonna drag those all the way to Oregon?" Yes, she would laugh, but I know she would be pleased.

I've often wondered how these hens and chicks multiply so quickly. There must surely have been a rooster snuck into the that package traveling from Neff Road to my house.

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