Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Baby on Neff Road

June 16, 1947: The day I was born Daddy was setting tobacco. Gene, Aunt Welma, Mom, Pop and George Middlestetter were helping. Mother went to the hospital at about 3pm……entry made by my mother in my baby book.
Later entry: Everyone says I look a lot like my daddy. Grandmother Loxley and quite a few others say the shape of my head is like Uncle Keith’s and my eyes are like Mother. Mother thinks I look like Peggy did.
Dad and Mom wanted boys. All men want boys or at least farmers did. Boys represented an heir to take over the farm, to learn the art of farming, to hunt and fish with their dad’s and to carry on the name. Dad had girls. We worked as hard as boys, but nonetheless we were girls. We farmed, we fished and carried the family name on as our middle names.
I was born in Piqua Hospital which was a bit of a long, slow drive in 1947. Mom got to the hospital 55 minutes before I was born. Doc Van Lue delivered Baby Girl Loxley. I think he died not long after. Hopefully, my breech birth was not his undoing. My father was 34 and my mother was 35. They were married, and I was a 9 month baby. Nice to have that confirmed on a birth certificate.
The stork deposited me in a good nest back that lane on Neff Road. Tomorrow is my birthday. I’m celebrating all week. In fact, I think it’s good to celebrate our lives every day.
Ah, sweet birthday.

BTW, I won’t be writing every day but will do my best to try. Thank you.

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