Monday, June 28, 2010

Shoe For An Old Plow

The next few days I want to share a farm journal from 1944 that was in my things from the farm. It is fun for a chuckle as well as to garner some good advice. The journal has everything from how to raise livestock to the Constitution. I hope you will enjoy these entries and a step back in time.

I realize that this information will be of no help to you, but stepping back in time is like stepping into my parent's shoes.  My sisters were born when this book was new and current. Families did with what they had. The hoe was used in the garden and the chicken coop. An old shoe became a way to protect the plow points.

My son and his new wife have just purchased a new (old, circa 1939) home on a half acre of land. He needs tools. So my adventure in treasure hunting has begun. I happened onto an estate sale at an old farm house. Much to my delight I found treasures which I can't share right now in case my son reads this blog. My biggest treasure took me back to the old garage and my granddad's old work shop. I would guess it is worth at least 5 times what I paid. Did I get it because he loves old tools....or did I get it because it took me back to Neff Road?

There are lessons in that time of simplicity, that time of 'make do'. Creativity was well and alive on the farm. Here's to the men and women who did with what they had. To those who reused the things at hand to solve problems. To those who took small steps creating the bigger strides that would those who didn't leave the farm.

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