Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Stretched Roots

My children have grown up their entire lives away from Neff Road. Children growing up in a neighborhood their entire lives surrounded by family have no idea the holes that distance brings.

Over the years we were blessed with family and friends who made the effort to come to Oregon. Each visit was gift to my children. Each introduced real people to them versus pictures, a connection.

Now my grandchildren look at old pictures wondering about their roots, their family. We memorize cousins they have never seen. They learn of aunts and uncles, of childhood friends. A link is carried on for one more generation.
“Can we go to the farm?” they often ask.

“Someday,” I answer and hope it will be true.

Neff Road is residing in a house in Portland, Oregon. It comes in pictures, memories, bits and pieces of the past. Roots that have been stretched since 1978 are nurtured and shared.

Memories cannot be kept in a box to later take out and relive, but they can be taken out and shared. When my family returned to Neff Road to visit, Stacey and James didn’t see strangers, they saw those who stayed close to our hearts and came to our home. For me, the visits were and are blessings beyond words.

Neff Road has come to Oregon often. It stayed and made ties stronger and family closer. It makes children remember and children ask. It erases miles.

“Why do we always go to Ohio on vacation?” my children would often ask. Their friends were off to Disneyland or Hawaii, and we were once more headed to the farm.

Today they know why we returned time after time. Today they journey with the memories and the people.

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