Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Birth of Built-Ins

Running late today but am determined to visit the farm manual once more. Yesterday I ended with the party ideas so we will pick up there. Come join me on Neff Road.

There are terms and products once used which are no longer common: laundry bluing, Toni Home Permanents, Fels Naptha (which can still be purchased), Ivory Flakes, linseed oil, the list goes on. And, as they go on so, too, do the memories.

Who cannot read the 'apple birthday gift' suggestion without thinking how simple life was back then and how little it took to please a child. Now we would we stuffing dollars into a banana!

Built-ins were not common back in the old farm houses. I know that in our house an old stairway became two closets and another was built-in sometime during the late 50's. Never was I more aware of 'no closets' then when I visited Nottingham, England. The home we visited was circa 1970's yet wardrobes were used as closets. I remember a built in china cupboard in the corner of Mom Johnson's kitchen. The old radiator sat next to it so I could climb up onto it to see into the cabinet.

I love the idea using melted paraffin to old castors in place. Mom loved to move furniture. Being the smallest, I was designated to crawl around the legs putting fallen castors back in place.

We chased dust around the furniture only to see it float in the sun finding a new place to land. I'm not sure Mom ever treated the clothes. At least she kept her daughters busy dusting.

Again, I hope I'm not boring you. I find my story in these pages of the Everson Farm Manual. A place we came from to a place we now reside with some of the ideas not so outdated.

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