Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Book Ends

They met at the Greenville Fair Grounds.

"On August 26, 1923 Benj Loxley, Jr. called Grandmother Loxley and the children and grandchildren of Benjamin Loxley, Sr. together at the Darke County Fair Grounds."

See, I told you they met there. My great grandfather and great grandmother and all of the fifteen children from his two different wives and all of their families attended.

The next year they met at the site of the family homestead. This was the year that Uncle Jesse sang a solo. I don't think I ever knew Uncle Jess had a melodic voice. Letters were read from family who could not make it, speeches were given, minutes from the previous year were read, budget was discussed and a date set for the next year at my grandfather's home.

Far in the back of this 'history book' on my birthday on June 16, 1963, the reunion was held at Greenville City Park, Shelter House #3. I was the secretary...however, the handwriting in the log is my mother's.

The book ends in 1964. Forty-eight were present. I don't know what happened after that time, but the book evidently stayed at Mom and Dad's because I have it. We don't have Loxley reunions any more. I rather wish we did.

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