Thursday, July 15, 2010

Breakfast is Calling

Another day, and I will pull myself away from the farm manual. Just a warning: It will be back.  There is too much rich history in this book for me to allow it to gather dust or to be shoved into a box waiting for another pair of eyes to find the wealth within.

Fish. My daughter-in-law has meatless days. She's a vegetarian. My granddaughter decided that she, too, would like to be a meatless person. It lasted one day after her mom made one of her favorite dishes which just happened to contain chicken. My dil (see above) dislikes pickles. Needless to say, this hint would not be to her liking. As for myself, I love dill pickles and remember as a child eating pickles sandwiches. Sounds like a good hint to me. Where's my fishing pole?

Soybeans. My sisters and I have often commented on the many uses and popularity of soybeans. Having lived in a house surrounded by the beans, one would think at some given time, we might have tasted them. Well, this was not the case. I think perhaps we could have been starving and no one would have thought to go pick a few beans. Now I find that I can grind them and drink them instead of coffee. Let this be understood: I will not try this suggestion.

Mince Meat. Have never had mince meat pie. Don't care to have mince meat pie. Not even sure what is in mince meat pie.

Burns. Again, vinegar to the rescue. I didn't know this information and am glad to have it. With my granddaughters here, one never knows. Since I hate to cook, burning oneself would be a rarity, but once in awhile I actually turn on the stove.

Popcorn Balls. Dad had a dish pan of popcorn every night. When the pan clanked in the kitchen, we knew what was to follow. When my parent's passed, my daughter asked for that old pan. On Neff Road, we made popcorn balls. I know I was very small the first time I put my hands along with those of my sisters into that sticky mess making a batch of fresh popcorn balls. You know, I haven't done that in years. Maybe my granddaughters and I will ask to borrow Dad's old pan and make some new memories.

Potato Cakes. As unhealthy as it sounds, I love the thought of potatoes wrapped with bacon. Of course, I love bacon. I think I hear breakfast calling!

Cake Toppings. My appetite has just been severely dampened.

"Sweetening" Refrigerator. I'm not sure how someone came up with this one. My guess is that at some point a bottle of vanilla fell to the floor spilling its contents beneath the refrigerator. Walla! Sweet smelling  coils.

Scarred Linoleum. Seems to me that the paint would scuff; however, for those with little money it is a way to lift the spirits.

I'm still thinking about bacon and potatoes.

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