Monday, July 26, 2010

First Homes

Our first home was on Teagues South Road. We had heard the house was going to be for sale. The farmer did not want the house, only the land. So we became the owners of a little farm of 1/2 acre, a house, a garage and a barn. Little did we know we would be leaving our sweet home less than a year later with a company transfer to Wisconsin.

Yesterday I walked through my son's new home. He and his new bride have found their dream house. Remembering our Neff Road roots, my son has always wanted to live in an old house with acreage. Not easy to find in Beaverton, Oregon, but they did.

"Why does he want an old house?" his father asked. "He doesn't realize the amount of work it takes."

I looked at my ex-husband remembering a young man who couldn't wait to get started updating our first home. We plastered and painted loving every minute of making it ours.

"Wait until he has to keep that yard up," he went on to complain.

My young husband had a new riding lawnmower. He delighted in driving his little mower around the trees. A boy and his toys.

Ah, we get older and have less energy. Those memories of grabbing a paint brush painting the old into new seem less pleasant. Pulling weeds and mowing remind us of backaches and toil we'd rather have someone else do.

Today my son and his bride sign the papers on their new home. Tonight we will raise a glass of champagne to the beginning of their life there where they will raise their children and grow old together.

The memories of our first homes are memories that travel with us into the next generation. And, memories that we children of those first homes hold dear. Our memories of Neff Road.

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Unknown said...

It is still the American dream. People are still making it happen, even an a difficult economy. Love, youth, and family power the World.