Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tossed History

History is lost when history is tossed. Much of our history is missing. We can trace our family tree to a certain point then a piece is missing. Old Bibles were the history keepers yet we fail to keep them updated. Papers, pictures, journals, etc. are thrown away when someone passes, because no one thinks them to be important. Yet to another generation those items are history of a family, history of another time, history that needs to be protected and passed on.

Yes, I have many of Mom and Dad's old journals and books. Even though I had no idea what I would do with this stack of items, I knew that they should be saved. So now you reap the rewards in my blog, and I get to share a history that could have been lost. Today we go to the kitchen in the old farm manual.

Using an orange peel to soften sugar doesn't sound familiar. I think Mom had another method but that is an incidental I have forgotten. In fact, it seems to me that brown sugar had a small capsule in it that kept it soft. What do you remember? Please comment and let me know. I do find it hard to believe that brown sugar kept in the refrigerator would stay fresh. Wouldn't the moisture create sticky sugar? Oh, I am in a sugar dilemma.

If you visit states that have high humidity, more times than not rice will be sharing the salt shaker along with the salt. On a visit back east, I remember my granddaughters' fascination with the bits in the salt shaker. Obviously, we live in a low humidity state with free flowing salt.

Its probably a good thing that we now have fans over our stoves. Burning orange skins would most definitely set off my smoke alarm. However, I do have a hankering to try it.

Seems to me that the orange peel was recycled down to the last peel. Maybe this is where flavored teas got their start. I certain hope they didn't use the peel and throw away the orange.

Nut cracker. It's easier. Nut cracker.

I am totally confused with the Over salted Fruit section. Hopefully, this is an error. The thought of any fruit salted other than melon and tomatoes makes my teeth hurt.

Well, who would have thought to toss marbles into a pot of cooking food?! Who comes up with these ideas? How did they stumble onto the methods? Makes one wonder.

Warning: Do not place food into your coffee makers. Point made.

I was excited when I saw the caption: Burning Fat. Oh, how I had hoped it would mean body fat. Oh, well.

I'm full of questions today. Caption: Pipe Cleaners. What is a lemon sipper?

As a young bride, I followed the hints from Heloise. I clipped the bits of information and tucked them away in my kitchen "just in case". I wonder if she ever read the Everson manual? Even now some of her hints would be obsolete.

Is history residing in your house? Maybe you don't care about this past, but believe me, your family just might have someone like me who cherishes these glimpses into history.

History is lost when history is tossed.
                     - previous quote taken from the wacky brain of the writer from Neff Road.

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