Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Me Next!

My mom gave the best back rubs in the entire world back that lane on Neff Road. She wasn't light handed, but she found the aches and got the job done. If Mom began giving one of us a back rub, voices would soon start yelling, "Me next!"

At one of my past jobs, I gave back rubs to fellow co-workers. At one time, my boss had even considered sending me to masseuse school making me his executive assistant and office masseuse. I did work in an office in which a traveling masseuse would come in once a month. At another office, an acupuncturist came in. So nice that many businesses are acknowledging ways their employees healthy and productive.

I now have a little hand massager that the girls take turns running up and down my back, their backs and even those of visiting friends. The same call goes out.

No one does it quite as good as Mom. I think perhaps the difference might lie in the love that was behind her touch. I wish I could say once more, "Me, next!"

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