Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Life For An Old Swing

What kid doesn't want a swing in the backyard? The soothing motion moving back and forth on the swing delights children, soothes babies and reminds mothers of those pleasant visits on the old porch.

The swing in the barn was a favorite for several generations of children. However, I think just maybe the swing on the back porch was my favorite. I remember sitting on the swing with my Great Aunt Alma. We had just gotten a puppy named Whitey. She sat next to this small girl while I held the pup. Back and forth. Back and forth. A loving aunt enjoying a moment and making memory.

I sat on the old swing with my boyfriend while Dad stood inside the kitchen door keeping an eye on his young daughter. Friends and relatives would sit on the porch chatting about crops and neighbors. The swing was the prize seat. Peas were shelled, beans snapped while Mom sat with a pan on her lap and a bucket at her feet. My duty was to swat flies with the fly swatter. A good way to keep me out of her hair. Farm hands rested sitting under the tree and on the old swing.

We had a swing that hung from the old mulberry tree in the center of the yard. I was young but still remember the fun we little ones had playing around and on the swing. My dad hung a trapeze from the same tree for my sisters. I know they will hate this picture, but I love it since I have few memories of the three of us at home as children. Farm kids having a great time.

When the farm was sold, I took the old porch swing lying dormant in the barn. Dusty and dirty from years of use and then lack of use, it still held the memories. Layers of paint covers the old swing made of tobacco lath. I know that somewhere under the grey lies a coat of dark green. I know that under the dust and dirt lie memories of babies, family and neighbors.

My son and his wife just bought a wonderful old house on a treed half acre of land.

"We'll hang the old swing on the porch, Mom."

A new life for an old swing.

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