Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Real Shocker

Back to Everson's Farm Manual and more about our past, our parents, our history. Remember to double click on the picture to see the Manual more clearly.

How many times did I crawl under a barbed wire fence only to be shocked. I go to the chiropractor now, and he hooks me up to small electrodes that stimulate the muscles. The little charges remind me of the times I touched that fence. Hm. Burlap.

Removing scorches and untying knots! Suggestions that can still be valid today mixed with those of trial and error. I wonder if this was the beginning of using knees to lift versus backs.

I remember seeing stairs with the bottom step painted white. It was a mystery that evidently didn't bother me much. Now looking at the reason, I appreciate the thought. Afterall, I am a grandma.

Not often do we think about the old cook stove for more than cooking. In our house, the old radiators warmed our clothing on cold winter mornings. Many times I sat against the radiator trying to warm. It was a great place for clothing wet from snow play to dry.

Slugs and snails in the basement? I'm assuming it was those with dirt flooring. However, I take my salt shaker to the garden now. It's cheaper than a tin of beer.

I am having a good time rambling through the manual. We've come a long way since then, but then in many ways, not that far. I hope you enjoy this journey. It might take awhile to finish, but along the way we can enjoy the chuckles, the admiration for people who found new ways to cope and maybe just a little bit of ourselves.

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