Monday, July 12, 2010

Wax Paper, Cornstarch and Ingenuity

Wax bread wrappers. I don't remember them, but I wonder if this was the precursor to rolls of wax wrap. Still sounds like a great idea for kids and boots. Amazing the uses of wax paper.

Yes, we are back to The Everson Farm Journal.

Obviously old ideas are made new for today. Dipping a key into oil to work a stiff door lock is replaced by WD40. Doesn't it make you wonder what makeshift inventions we come up with today that could be tomorrow's 'new' idea? I am just full of inventions...just no one takes me seriously.

We don't send coins in the mail much anymore; however, I did my fair share of taping and mailing. Not so sure there is anything we can even purchase for coins. Now that's just sad.

I regret that we now go to the store for products or check online for hints and remedies. Seems to me that the day and age of making due with what was at hand has disappeared.  Ingenuity is replaced with laziness.

Rubber gloves filled with cornstarch in the freezer. Now anyone who ever grew up on a farm knows that cornstarch is good for everything. My granddaughter was amazed that I could take cornstarch powder and powder her down before she crawled into her softball uniform keeping her dry in the terrible  summer heat. It calms the itch, cools the body, helps diaper rash, polishes the car, cleans the dog, soothes the itch and does more than I can put into one sentence. Cornstarch....a shelf staple.

The entry, Hot Water Bottle, takes us back to a time when rubber was in shortage, and a time that the hot water bottle was used one way or another. Again, ingenuity helped those in dire straits.

The Towel item delights me. I love clothes pins. They were fun to use as a child. I bought them when I was married and hanging clothes on my clothesline. Saved them all these years so now I can hang my grandchildren's art on a wire along my stairway.

Ah, I love this trek back in time. Thank you for joining me.

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