Friday, July 16, 2010

Why Do I Care?

Sometimes I am amazed at who visits my blog site. My site has a tool that tracks the cities that visit my blog, so I can see how far my words roam from Neff Road. Yesterday I had a visitor from India. Visitors from Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Michigan, here in Oregon, California, Texas, Tennessee, New York, Australia and England have stopped in to visit my blog over the last few months. Thank you for joining me on Neff Road. Our journeys can be those shared by many.

One last day with The Everson Farm Manual. I hope you have enjoyed these pages of history, these pages of our past. I have been awed at the ingenuity of my ancestors as well as their creativity, their 'make do' attitude. I have learned lessons and gained new 'old' ideas. A small book has taken me into the past influencing the way I look at the present and a desire to make a better future for my family. I have walked down Neff Road with my farm manual in hand.

Dishes on ice. I sit here trying to figure out why anyone would place a plate on ice. Maybe it was a suggestion for those living in the frozen tundra. Hm.

Borax in Empty Jars. Borax seemed to be a cure all. I remember small, thin boxes of what I think was Borax Detergent.

 Vinegar Cruets. Another cure all. Vinegar has been my friend for many years. To take the smell out of wash cloths, a cup of vinegar added to the laundry tub full of towels brings them out smelling fresh. A weekly routine at my house.

A few years ago Polident was giving away free companion airline tickets. I had to buy boxes of the stuff in order to get the labels I needed to send in. Boxes. We're talking boxes. I still have my own teeth and know of no one who doesn't....or at least I wouldn't ask. So, what to do with all of these packets. Well, I found a perfect way to use it up. Soaking clouded glass or vases with water rings inside in water plus a packet of Polident, makes the glass clear and sparkling again. I not only got a free airline ticket, I also have crystal clear glass. Maybe I should start my own Neff Road Manual.

Prevent Freezing. When the cold weather hit the home back the lane on Neff Road, Mom hung her laundry on a clothesline in the basement. Of course, drying took a bit longer, but that could be sped up with a fire in the fireplace.

Oilcloth Cover. I was given a Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook when I was married in 1969. A cookbook with a washable cover. No doubt someone took the oilcloth idea and made it marketable.

Throughout these pages I have been amazed at the products used in the barn as well as in the house, used to cook as well as clean, used for medicinal needs as well as household use. Resilient, creative, make do people who are the pioneers of the products we now use. I think maybe I need to sit with my thoughts and remember what creative methods my own parents' problem solving. Why do I care? Because I'm that girl who lived back Neff Road and am so glad I did.

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