Monday, August 2, 2010

Little Yellow House

Once upon a time a field surrounded the little yellow house. Huge fir trees shaded the property, holly grew in the fields and a family lived in their new home.

This morning I sit waiting for the cement truck to come to this little yellow house. It is a long way from 1938. Cars drive past the two enormous fir trees standing sentries at the driveway entrance. Now on a half acre lot, remnants still remain from that time.

Not only does this house represent a new start for James and Lisa, my son and wife, but it warms me to think of my family once more living in a farm house. It reminds me of my roots on Neff Road. I don't hear the cars on the street. No, I see squirrels scamper chasing one another, hear the creak of old flooring and sit on the porch that once was new, now in need of repair.

I have been here helping the kids get the yard in order. Past tenants decided to stop pulling weeds when the new buyers made their offer. The enormity of the work to be done was startling for my new daughter-in-law who has had little experience with yards. So for the last week I have been making my pilgrimage back in time to dig on an old farm.

Living back that lane on Neff Road taught the women who lived there to be strong. We knew how to work and never whined or questioned the need for it. Living on a farm is a way of life. A good way of life. My sister thinks I'm crazy for missing our tobacco crop. I miss the comradery of those working together in the field and in the strip shed (a place where tobacco leaves were separated from the stalk). I miss the long hours of work and bantering that came along with it. I miss sitting in the field drinking water from an old Thermos jug, eating sandwiches Mom brought to the field.

I sit here looking out over a lovely lawn knowing that it will be work, but work that will make them love their house even more.

Once upon a time a couple bought an old house. Repairs and updates were needed. The lawn called for attention. A newly wedded couple was moving 'home'.

Missing Neff Road this morning.

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