Friday, August 13, 2010

The Mead

It wasn't ours yet as a child, I was sure that some part of it belonged to us. Most times when we went to Ludington to visit Aunt Bess, my mom's sister, and Uncle Sam we stayed at The Mead. Yep, it was a place that recalls memories and good times.

I don't know the first time we stayed at the cabin. It sat down the road from my aunt's store where she sold bait, rented boats and cabins and gossiped with everyone who passed through the doors. The little cottage was probably nothing to brag about, but to a little farm girl, it was a castle.

The bathroom was questionable but better than our outhouse. The kitchen was meager but all of our meals were with Aunt Bess. It smelled a bit musty, but it was old and well-used. I remember a winter visit when snow covered the windows and hot summer days when we fished off the back dock on Lake Hamlin.

I still have sweet feelings for the cottage. I remember Dad and my ex-husband cleaning our daily catch next outside our little abode. It was a sight to see this man who hadn't fished learning from the master of fishing. I remember sleeping in the bed in the dark cabin thrilled that I was staying in a house somewhere other than my own room on Neff Road. I remember anticipating each day and savoring the excitement and adventure of fishing, looking forward to the laughter and memories shared by two sisters.

The Mead will always be the way I remember it in my mind. Not just as a little house, but as a place where a family on Neff Road actually went on vacation...something we didn't do often. A place where we knew we would find lots of laughter with a delightful aunt, swim and fish on the lake, boat to the dunes and do what families should do together. Yes, we were away from the work on the farm at a place we all loved.

The Mead. A home away from home, a place of retreat for a family from Neff Road.

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