Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Moving in the Bible

Upon hearing the news that my son and daughter-in-law were moving into an new, 'old' house, my friend said, "You must move a Bible into the house first to bless the house.

I had never heard this before. I was told by my dad that if we hung a horseshoe upside down over the door of our home the house would be blessed with good luck. I noticed in the picture I posted of the blackboard in Mom's kitchen that my little horseshoe hung the wrong direction. Maybe that's why I got German measles when I was a kid.

The repair on the old house is going well. No new major problems have been discovered yet the work is sometimes overwhelming. We all love the house and know it is worth the effort. Lisa's parents and I work side by side with the kids making a nest which will hold these newlyweds and their children. A project that pulls a family together.

I decided to take my first little Bible to the house today. On the second page of the small, palm-sized Bible written in pencil "forget ful Pam". It isn't my printing since I was way too young to write. Evidently, I had a Bible forgetting problem. The third page is the presentation page. Presented to Pamela Sue Loxley by The Lavy Children 1951.

I don't know if this book will bring good luck to the little yellow house on Davis Road, but God close at hand has always worked for me.

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