Friday, August 20, 2010

One Rung Closer to Home

Hanging over the closet rod with one leg on a shelf and the other foot tip toed on the top of the ladder, one step above the step marked "Do not stand on this step or above", I spread the tape across the shelf. The old house was a work in progress. I am not as young as I used to be. Boy, this used to be easier!

As I hung on that shelf taking in the smell of the old house, the feel of the old plastered wall, I remembered home.

James had pulled off the old baseboard. Beneath floral wallpaper echoed another time when this house was much newer. Flowers were in every room in our house....except for the walk-in closet. That room was dark red paisley. The floral outdoors came inside. I remember lying in my bed looking at the rows of blue and purple flowers that greeted me each morning.....the same wallpaper that was there when the house was sold.

"Mom, look at this design below the paint," my son said. I began to laugh.

"Honey, I think that is textured wallpaper that was popular in the 60's." Decades of paper, decades of history. Yes, this house was revealing its past in the layers buried beneath the paint on the bedroom wall.

I never liked new houses. No, I prefer those with a history. My son is discovering that it is more fun to give an old home new life than to build something new. He is discovering that old houses hold stories of the decades, the families gone by. He knows that he has a treasure, a home he is making for his new wife and his future children.

A new family is moving into this old home. A farm girls gets to once more savor the essence of this once old farm house.

Well, I did step above that ladder rung and did not break my neck. No, instead I journeyed back to Neff Road.

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends.

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