Friday, August 6, 2010

A Tattered Book

She was still Ruth Johnson when she began her recipe book. Her later style of flourished handwriting had not yet taken shape. The pages in the book are yellowed, torn and fragile. A history book from Mom's kitchen.

My favorite section is 'Miscellaneous'. I hope you will enjoy these hints from Neff Road, from a woman who would one day be Ruth Loxley and one dynamite cook.


Mayonnaise tinted with vegetable coloring makes pretty salads.

A pinch of ground cloves or pineapple juice improves the taste of tea. (she must not have liked tea)
Add one or two tablespoons of sour cream to potatoes when frying. (hm)

Red current jelly on top of whip cream makes it more attractive.

Raisins in rolled oats. (early granola)

Remove ink stains with salt. (I will try this one)

Grease tin and bake to keep from rusting. (you will not find this in a modern cookbook)

Oysters in baked corn. Good. (a good way to hide them)

Pile sandwiches or toast in log cabin style on plate. (love this description)

Cut balogna about 1/4" thick slices. Fry in butter. After meat curls, egg in curl and cover pan and fry. (can we say cholesterol)

Cook apricots and pineapple together.

Put marshmallows and red hots in rice. (yuk)

Pineapple, marshmallows and cheese make a good salad.

Put 1 tsp of salt in vinegar and 'mother' won't form (if anyone know what 'mother' means, let me know)

Iron rust removed from cloth with salt and lemon juice.

Water stains from glasses with vinegar and salt on a cloth.

Canker sores in mouth - drink soda water.

When 2 glasses stick together, put cold water in top one and other in hot (I would assume the cold glass will break and the glasses will no longer stick together.)

Thanks, Mom. Thanks for giving us a glimpse into the kitchen where you grew up. Thank you for a glimpse into our past, one that began before you moved to Neff Road.

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