Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Small Panes

My son with mask on face textured the walls of this new 'old' house. I stood on the other side of the French doors taking pictures. I am the official photographer of 'house in progress'.

I love French doors. Both of my grandparents had French doors in their homes. The Loxley's opened from the dining room into the living room. The Johnson's were between the living room and a small sitting room.....a room in which I never saw anyone sit.

As a child, I'm sure I equated French doors with either wealth or grandparents....or maybe both. My friends did not have French doors. We certainly didn't have them.

I wonder at the history of the doors. Were they for decoration? Were they to keep the noise away from one room to the next? Were they to keep children out or keep children in? Both grandparents had pianos in one of the rooms. Perhaps the door was closed to keep the music in one room, or the child playing the piano.

A few years ago, I was surprised to receive a special package from my Aunt Esther. I opened it to find a small piece of glass. When the beautiful Loxley house was torn down to make way for a new house, my aunt and uncle rescued window panes from the French doors. Lovingly, they thought of their nieces sending each a pane of glass. I don't know if my aunt and uncle realized what a dear gift this would be to this niece, this reminder of  house I adored. I don't know if they realize that this piece of my history is a reminder of the children who were raised in that house.

French doors. My son and his wife will wipe little finger prints from their French doors. They will sit in their living room by the fireplace with their French doors silently adding memories.

I love French doors. In some strange way, I think they loved me back.


Barbara McDowell Whitt said...

Pam, I found your blog site by doing a Google Blog search for "farm girl." You are using the same background for Neff Road that I recently began using for my blog. You have a wonderful writing ability and have added so many interesting photos to your blogs.

I began a blog, Mid-Prairie High School and Park College 1960-1965, in January of this year. I am recording daily word for word compilations of the diaries I was keeping 50 years ago as an Iowa farm girl who went to Park College in suburban Kansas City, Mo., from 1961 to 1965.

I am eager to find my way back to the beginning of Neff Road and start reading!

Pamela Loxley Drake said...

Barbara, I hope you will share your 'farm girl' memories. It will be fun to share Iowa memories with those of Ohio.