Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Stopped By

Many a time we walked into the house to find a note written on the blackboard. Everyone knew about the blackboard. It resided on the west wall of the kitchen. Of course, the back door was never locked (we didn't have a front door). Many visitors would stop by finding no one in the house so would write a note on the board for us to find when we returned.

The blackboard was a piece of history. It tracked the movements of the Loxley family. It was always there for drawing and entertainment. It told us who visited the house leaving behind a simple note, such as 'No one home. Be back later.' to 'Was driving through the area so stopped in for a visit. Sorry we missed you.' Yes, it was a history page added to each day. A page recording a family and friends.

When I moved to my little apartment in Portland, I found a cute little chalk board with little ducks across the top. I decided to place the board outside of my apartment. The little board was stolen a few days later. No wonder we lock our doors in town.

The then west wall of the kitchen was knocked down to enlarge and move the kitchen to the west side of the house. The blackboard disappeared....probably given away. I don't think Mom and Dad ever thought to add the blackboard to the new kitchen. I wish they had.

In this picture, Brenda is leaning on one of the old kitchen chairs. I think maybe this one was Peg's. We each had our own color.  By the way, it was at one time a blackboard replaced by a newer version.

Darn, I miss that message board. I miss those fun notes from friends and neighbors. It was a good thing. A good memory back that lane on Neff Road.

"Sorry we missed you. We'll stop by later." And usually they did enjoying a piece of Mom's pie and good conversation.

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