Monday, August 30, 2010

Things Not Seen

I was just 'sitting' around the other day and thought of some things that are no more, at least, you don't buy or use any more.

Toilet seat covers
Those little half rugs that fit around the toilet
Handmade toilet paper covers
Dutch doors
Cafe curtains
Farm fences
Telephone poles
Saddle Shoes
White bucks
Console stereo
Console TV
Tape players
Home phones (more and more obsolete)
Books are even threatened

The list goes on and on. I can't imagine the list my parents would have created probably would start with the wringer washer, horse drawn buggies, cotton stockings and sooooo much more.

Times change. What we take as commonplace becomes a collectible or antique. What is part of our growing up is foreign to our children and grandchildren. It's a rich history we pass on. Rich in the struggles, the memories, the creativity of those living on the farm, of those days of our youth.

Maybe you have more things that you could add to the list. Perhaps a few memories have been awakened.

Wind up clocks
Rabbit ears
Ivory Flakes......

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