Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Uncling and Aunting

Uncle Clark wasn't my uncle, yet I called him Uncle Clark. The same was true for Aunt Opal, Aunt Louise and Uncle Ray. They all belonged to my best friend, Brenda, but she shared them with me.

Uncle Clark collected old cars. He loved taking his small charges out for a ride in one of his cherished cars. Even as an adult, I got one more ride in the old car, another day with Uncle Clark.

It was nice of Brenda to share her family with me.  On my last visit home, I spent time with Aunt Louise and slipped right back into the memories from childhood. The day went too quickly with this aunt I had always known.

Grandpa Stager was a Moose. NOT THE ANIMAL. I remember as a small child going with Brenda to one of the Christmas parties at the lodge....just like one of his own. My Uncle Bob was a Lion. He, in turn, took Brenda and I to the Lions' Christmas party. It was all in the family.

Brenda and I had a dream of building our own house in the middle of the field between our homes. We could visit our families and have a house all to ourselves. Her home was mine and mine was hers. Over the years, her family losses as well as mine have been shared with the same sorrow.

Family was far reaching on Neff Road. It reached into my heart and carried me along.

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