Monday, September 13, 2010

Family Foundation

Even though I am surrounded by packing boxes, I need to feel my feet back on Neff Road once more. Back home.

Oh, I have lived in Oregon since 1978, yet the Loxley farm back the lane on Neff Road will always be home. Probably because more than anything I am part of the wealth that resided there, the rich soil, the history of the land, the barn built by my father and the old house restored making a home for the three Loxley daughters. Yes, I need to rest my feet back that lane once more.

This morning my sister and I were talking about how fortunate we are to live near our grandchildren. Mom and Dad would never leave the farm to live near one of there daughters. They could never leave the land. There was a gap in our lives with no family living near. Our children didn't have a grandparents' home to visit where they could have sleepovers. They didn't have a grandparent, aunt or uncle involvement in their lives. At the time when I was a child, I oblivious to the gifts I had, those gifts of family.

When we had sale at the farm, friend and neighbors flocked over to Willard's place to see what was going on. Cousins came to see family, to support family. The Loxley girls with their children and grandchildren on the farm at the same time was very rare. Family gathered on the grass in lawn chairs reminiscing, catching up on each others lives.  The cousins who had played together as children whose children played together, whose parents had homesteaded in Darke County once more shared time.....though Mom and Dad were missing.

For the this child of the house back the lane, their relationships seemed priceless.....and I was envious. I had no circle of cousins as such. They were Mom and Dad's cousins, sister and brother who had lived close all of their lives.

My old saddle has gone to reside at the little yellow house belonging to my son and his wife. Once more my daughter will be surrounded by pieces from her past and those from the farm. We do not have the people here with us, but we do have memories abounding. My sisters and I all have our children living close. Their children will have what their parents missed.

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