Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Halls of History

Noise echoed down the dark halls. Herman, the custodian, made the floor gleam, those floors that had seen the feet of children since 1926. In the front entry, pictures hung of those first students who graduated from the school. Future generations would stand in the short hallway looking up at pictures of parents, aunts and uncles, neighbors. History roamed the halls of Franklin Elementary School.

I walk through the halls of my granddaughter's school missing that history that surrounded us as children. Yes, we attended an old school....we experienced history. I have pictures of my mother and father sitting in front of this school when they were children. Glum faces pose for pictures either unhappy at the event or possibly no one said, "Smile." My parents in front of my school.

There is something to be said for attending a school that had seen most of the township through its doors.

There were two favorite places I loved in that old school. The first and foremost was the music room. "Pickin' Up Paw Paw", the little plays in the back of the song books, Fern Fourman with her fiery red hair, the children gathered in a circle playing music games, all this and more drew me to this room, this room down the stairway.

Fall reminds me of those days long past, of the children I knew, of those teachers many long gone. Franklin Elementary holds my history, too.

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