Thursday, September 2, 2010

Homemade Fun

Neff Road Times:  The bride wore her mother's blue velvet wedding gown and baby blanket on her head. Her groom was decked out in plaid and Zorro's cape. Minister Rowena Miller was draped with another baby blanket over her vintage dress. Attendees were bored.

Dress up on Neff Road was a wonderful thing. Make believe became lovely dressed in blankets, old hats and dresses, worn out curtains and over-sized shoes. Princesses, brides, ministers, teachers, mommies, princes, avengers and grown ups all resided in imaginations and discarded articles of clothing kept in a bin in Mom's paisley closet.

Whenever the minister's daughter, Rowena, and I got together, we made up stories to act out dressed in over-sized clothes and items Mom relinquished to the little girls begging....."please".

My cousin, Kenton, seemed to always get the raw end of the deal. His sister had dressed him up as Robin Hood and now he was a groom. Being the only boy to play with me, his first cousin, and I being the older child, he probably didn't know the difference. He was always ready and willing to join in the fun.

I wish Mom had saved her wedding dress for her daughters to cherish. I'm not sure how she could just toss it into the dress-up clothes. She was such a lovely bride in her chic dress, hat and shoes. This small child in her mother's dress looked anything but chic. Yet this little girl felt like a lovely bride....with a baby blanket on her head.

There was good, 'ol homemade fun back that lane on Neff Road. Imaginations created entertainment. Rags and worn out made for hours of delight for little girls. Wooden fruit crates made great tables and shelves. Blankets made tents when draped over the card table. Saw horses became horses to ride and with a board tossed across one, it became a teeter totter. Tobacco lathe turned into swords or with a piece of twine, a trusty steed. A bushel basket became a crib for a doll baby. When turned upside down, it became a table. The farm was ripe with new ideas from old things.

It wasn't a real wedding. First cousins can't marry, you know. Not even in Darke County.......back the lane on Neff Road.

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