Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Just Another Day

Bugs crawled through the grass, the cows mooed protest at one another, a ewe was once more stuck in the fence and Whitie, the cocker spaniel, sat next to the girl looking over the field to the creek bottom. There was no rush, no place to go. The sun shone hot on the hillside. Her father pulled the cultivator in the northeast field turning the soil between new sprouts coming up in the corn rows. A hot summer day back the lane on Neff Road.

Cyril's hound howled at a tractor passing. A young boy drives the road from one farm to another. In the fall the road would be busy with tractors taking wagons full of corn to the elevator. Neff Road had little traffic, compared to a later time, it was a story in itself.

The old bridge creaked and groaned with each passing vehicle. Many times it signaled company coming to the house back the lane. Clamorous sounds of  birds and frogs echo through the creek bottom as they carry on constant dialogue beneath the bridges beams. The view from the hill was the same each day yet always new.

Her mother called to her. Time to gather eggs from the dark hen house with some hens reluctant to give over their daily prize. With basket in hand, she gathers the eggs nestled in the boxes and occasionally in some other odd location. Sneaking a hand beneath a warm hen, she captured the egg before the chickens either flapped out of the nest or decided to attack the sneaking arm. Life in the hen house was a tedious adventure.

The day was long and there wasn't much to do since chores were finished. She could play in the barn, visit her friend Brenda, walk to the bridge and throw rocks. Maybe she could go over to the Lavy's and play with the boys. Maybe she will just lie on the hill a bit longer looking at the clouds.

Ah, another day the lane on Neff Road.

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