Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mom Was Our Newspaper

Mom was our connection. She was our newspaper keeping us up-to-date with the news in Darke County. Births, deaths, marriages, gossip and general news didn't fall into a column on the Obit page or Community News or Local News. Nope. Mom gave us all the scoop with her usual flourish. However, when we lost Mom, we lost our verbal newspaper. We lost our connection to our roots.

I've learned that people who never live away from their birthplace do not understand what we who have miss. Not everyone cares, I know, but this girl from Neff Road does. I miss the people, the daily activity. I miss being part of it.

For the last year, I have taken the Greenville Advocate online. The gossip is missing, but most of the other items of interest are there. Now I can keep my family informed of home town news often including pictures. Not nearly as good as Mom, but a visit glimpse back home.

Last week I had an idea. Why not see if the paper is interested in having a contributor? Why not have a glimpse into the past, into the life on Neff Road? So I sent off an email asking the editor to check out my Neff Road blog.

"We would love to have your column on our Senior Page," she replied after checking me out. Wow! Now I can write to those I miss and love on Neff Road. I can share my history which is theirs, too.

When I was a senior in high school, Mom took me to the offices of The Advocate to meet the editor in chief and to learn more about the newspaper industry. At the time, I was hoping to focus on journalism in college. Mom would be smiling now. She would take credit for getting me published, and ask me, "Do you remember when....."

Yes, Mom, I do remember 'when', and soon I will be visiting weekly in The Greenville Advocate.


Janet said...

Oh, Pam, this is exciting. I read Mom's advocate. She gets it at the Brethren Home. When will your first article appear? If it has already been in, I haven't seen it. I'm catching up, haven't read your blog in a while.

Pamela Loxley Drake said...

Thanks, Janet. I'm excited. I don't think my first column will appear until the first Sat of the month then hopefully, I can do it weekly. Thanks for checking in.