Thursday, September 30, 2010

A New Season

Fall. One of my favorite seasons on the farm. The summer humidity wanes and fall breezes begin. Cornpickers in the fields suck up the golden ears of corn. Everything begins to reflect colors of gold and red. Fall on the farm.

Farm equipment was prepared for winter storage. Feed bins were filled for the livestock. New straw was strewn in the barns for winter beds. Hay filled the hayloft to be tossed down to the cattle manger when grass is sleeping for the winter. Sheep donned their heavy winter wool. Chickens stayed inside the coop warming themselves from the fall winds. Dad rigged a light over the cattle watering trough in the barn to keep the water melted when winter came with freezing temperatures. Fall was a time of preparation.

Tobacco was all hung in the shed curing for the winter task of stripping the leaves from the stems. The tobacco draped overhead filled the barn with its scent. The old barn would be alive with activity during the winter months. Fall was a time of ripening.

The house was settling into a more restful season. Canning was finished, fall cleaning was done and Mom settled into her crocheting. My sisters were off to college. I was once more an only child. The house reflected the change of seasons.

Fall. The smell of fallen leaves, pumpkin pies and always Mom's fried chicken.

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