Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Remembering September

It's September. The month cannot pass without the past creeping into the present. It begins with  September 6, 1969, when I married the father of my children. It was a hot, humid day at Painter Creek Church. Oh, was it hot.

The folding doors on the side of the church were opened to accommodate the guests. Pews were packed. Windows were open but no air came in to cool the vestibule. The groom was shocked when he lifted the white veil to kiss his new wife only to find her drenched in perspiration. It was a hot day on St. Rte. 571.

The bride's family and friends laughed and mingled catching up on their comings and goings. Four generations of my family celebrated together. Those who had traveled enjoyed memories with old friends. It was a hot day, but a good day for a wedding.

Years later September would be the month that saw the passing of my Uncle Bob Johnson and Dad. They died on the same day years apart on September 17. My daughter was married the following December 14. He would not sit at his granddaughter's wedding, nor would his wife. Oregon was a long way from Ohio.

September is a month that draws me back to the farm on Neff Road, to the friends, the family, the losses and the good memories. It begins the season of sleeping land and farmer's rest. It draws us closer to the warmth of a good fire and sweetness of pumpkin pie and apple crisp.

Remembering Neff Road and those who lived there.....remembering with love.

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