Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Different Rememberings

"Some things you remember differently than I do," said my sister.

She's right. My memories are those of a sister years younger than her sisters. I remember from glimpses of the past and feelings of a small child. Yet in reality, their memories combined with mine give a pretty complete overview of our past.

"I remember one year when I drove the baler and Dad loaded the bales," my sister shared.

"I hulled manure," I countered.

"We wore clothing made from old sacks," my sister shared.

"I wore my cousin's hand-me-downs," I countered.

"I loved being with Grandmother," she told me.

"I don't remember her," I replied in return.

Three different childhoods in the same house. In the seven and ten years between my sisters and me, times had changed. The years that separated us separated the memories we shared. A grandmother had passed, my parents grew older and I was literally alone in  growing up. My sisters and I finally got to know one another in our adult years. When the three of us are together, my two older sisters share memories of which I am not a part, and those years when I was home alone, my sisters were not a part. We lived in the same house, in the same family but were raised differently.

I learn of my past, the years when I was very small, from my sisters. Their stories are rich with memories of my aunts and uncles, my grandparents, of old friends and neighbors. I love that our memories are different, that we saw things differently. In this dialogue, I learn about myself and my roots. Most of all, I learn about the two women in my life who make up the other part me.

Sure my sisters remember things differently.....but I write mine down.

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