Friday, October 1, 2010

From The Door

Door open, feet hanging over the edge. Many pictures were taken in that door of the barn. Mom and Dad could probably have created a photo album full of such pictures. Same location. Different faces.

From the time I can remember, I sat in that door in front of the barn. The door was designed for bales of hay and straw to be loaded from the conveyor into the haymow. A practical door that was used more for calling to the house from the barn (and vice versa), for catching a breath of fresh air relief away from the dust, to sit and look out over Neff Road. Just sitting. Not doing much. Just hanging feet over the door watching the scenery that rarely changed.

The barn door was one of my favorite places. Many times I sat there absorbing the world outside of the barn. I could see the farmers in the fields, Grandad's woods, Brenda's house, the almost non-existent traffic down Neff Road. The peace of country living was captured in that window above the ground capturing a young girl throughout her life until she said her final good-bye.

I wish I had that door once more. Everyone should have one such place, a lofty perch where peace and tranquility sit alongside. I know that I had seen Dad sit there many times. I wonder if he felt the same. Perhaps it was just a place to rest or maybe a place to call to Mom from the house so he could see her. Friends sat in that door along with family members. For those who knew the secret of the door and who loved the barn, it was a memory carried forward.

Though far away, I still sit in that door once more looking out to a place of memory and a place that holds my heart.

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