Friday, October 22, 2010

Harvest Moon

A friend posted a picture of the beautiful pumpkin moon. The huge white moon hung in the sky like a big light bulb. Were the moon red, Dad would have called it a harvest moon.

Many times growing up we watched the sunset. Our kitchen window looked out over the western landscape sometimes offering breathtaking views. Barns set against a red sky. An earth cast in shades of red. Around dusk someone usually found a seat by the window waiting for the change in the western sky. The sun's nighttime journey encouraged livestock to settle for the evening. Chickens began to roost, cows found a comfy bed of straw and the sheep huddled close together. It was evening on the farm. It also singled the wake up call for owls, possum, raccoon and other night meandering creatures.

The Loxley girls well remember the times that Dad would yell from the barnyard. "Girls, get out here."

We ran from the house expecting God knows what only to have Dad point to the western sky. All thoughts melted away captured by the 'glory that shown round about us'.  Never were two evening views the same. And always we oooo'd and aaahhhh'd.

In Oregon we sit on the sand waiting and waiting. The sun slowly makes for the horizon then seems to drop suddenly into the Pacific. Still I miss that view from the kitchen window.

The pumpkin moon rises, the shadow lengthen and the spirit of Halloween seems to lurk behind every tree.

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