Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Oh, Nuts

They torment the dog. They sit waiting hoping he will either look out a window or be set out on his chain. They wait and wait.

Squirrels. I swear Oregon is squirrel haven. They're everywhere. Trees teem with them. Not just in our yard but in every yard. They scamper across the street; they run the fences. They sit on the porch railing and bury nuts in your potted plants and flower garden.

I remember seeing an occasional squirrel in Granddad's woods. Dad would show me a nest high up in a tree. If I'm not mistaken, I think that Hollie and Bil from next door often hunted squirrels. Never did I see a squirrel in the barnyard. 

So why do I see more squirrels in town than in farming areas? Were we low on squirrels when I was a kid? Were they not so brazen back then? Did they only live in forested areas? What is the difference????

I could use some feedback from my friends on Neff Road. I never had a squirrel tail tied to my handle bars or one hanging on the side of the shed. Dad never tanned a hide, except mine on occasion. So where were the squirrels.

Since I believe Neff Road to be low in squirrel population, perhaps Oregon should consider a new source of income in exporting the rascals from here to there. We could even send along some hazelnuts just to make the bargain juicier.

Silly dog looking out the patio door, ears perked watching a squirrel dance on the limb of the tree. Oh, nuts.

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