Thursday, October 7, 2010

Quilts, A Memory

Quilts, the trademark of country living, the flag for farmers, a history of family, a memory of a cold winter night. Quilts.

I grew up snuggling under quilts at night. As a child, I remember looking at the squares and picking my favorites. My favorite quilt was basically blue with tiny floral prints and occasional stripes. Years ago I found the old quilt torn and discarded in the attic tossed in a corner. It was nothing more than pieces held together by rotting thread with edging gone and torn quilt pieces exposing the filler. I asked Mom if I could have it.

"Why do you want that old thing?" she asked. She didn't understand.

I took the old rag home lovingly washing it. Pieces of liner fell off but once more the small surviving squares were clean.

"That's an icky quilt," my granddaughter said.

I looked at the small faded squares, some stained, some rotting. "I know, Honey," I said. "This was a very special quilt when I was a little girl."

"So why do you want it now?" she asked.

Why indeed. A castaway, a rag, a remnant that more than likely should have been tossed on one of Dad's fires.

"It's a memory," I explained.

Years later my friend, Geneva, would send two small quilts with matching pillows for doll beds to my each of my granddaughters. Geneva lived next door to the house back the lane. She was my angel helping me when Dad was failing. The gift to my granddaughters was indeed a gift for me.

Quilts. A history of a family. A gift of the heart. A memory of Neff Road.


Regi said...

I have taken up the quilting 'gene' I made my first one in highschool and have handmade several more. I hand quilt them instead of machine. It seems more authentic that way although it takes hundreds of hours more per quilt to make them.

Pamela Loxley Drake said...


Good for you! I celebrate anyone who can quilt by hand creating true heirlooms. I hope you will send a copy my way. I'd love to post it. We sold my mother's quilting frame.

Keep up the good work. Wish I had the patience.