Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Smell It

Don't remember having pumpkins back that lane on Neff Road. Don't remember ever carving one as a child. I do remember a paper mache pumpkin that sat out when the time came. It had a rather munched face. I think a candle could be placed inside, but what idiot would put a candle inside of a paper mache pumpkin?! Fall brought many memories of the farm, but the only thing that resembled a pumpkin was Mom's pumpkin pie.

Mom made one good pumpkin pie. She usually made two just to be sure we had enough for us and company which usually arrived at dinner time. Sometimes I think people just showed up for Mom's pies. Her fruit pies were to die for. Her cream pie was delicious. She made goose berry pie that made you pucker, but was lip smackin' good. And her shoe fly pie was the favorite.

Other people made good pies. Aunt Welma's were good. I'm sure Aunt Bess could throw together a decent pie. Still Mom took the prize.

"I've been thinking about making a cream pie," my daughter, Stacey, said this morning.

"Sounds like a good idea," I agreed.

My daughter is a cook just like her grandma. She can open the refrigerator and toss together an impromtu feast. Cooking for one or a dozen doesn't bother her. When we received the newspaper clipping about George's pies and Gershaw's closing, my daughter took on the challenge creating a culinary delight equal to the original.

I never taught my daughter to cook. She and my son both picked it up on their own. I never was a good cook. My children are fantastic cooks. I couldn't roll out a pie crust to save my soul. Who does any more? Mrs. Frantom would be disappointed in me. My 4H leader would deem me unmarriageable. Yet I can make Mom's pumpkin pie.

I kinda wish we would have carved pumpkins. I kinda wish I had those memories with my parents. However, playing in the kitchen while Mom rolled out dough and made pies brings back a flood of wonderful smells, powdered hands, little cinnamon rolls, a smudged apron and dessert for dinner. Close your eyes and sniff. Smell it?

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