Friday, October 29, 2010

Trick or Treat

Halloween was such a special time at Franklin School. We dressed in our costumes and paraded around the other classrooms. Once a class passed, we could not wait to get up from our desks to join the parade. Our costumes were simple sometimes consisting of only a mask. Farm kids eager for a Halloween party. Farm kids on Halloween.

Repeating a bit of last October's blog, I need to share what it was like back that lane on Neff Road. We didn't have the close houses to run from door to door with paper bags open and eager hands out for candy, or maybe an apple which back then wasn't tainted. Dad drove me from house to house following me most times up to the door of a darkened house. I always wanted to go to Jimmy's house first because I had a crush on him. Vivian's grandparents always said the same thing,"This must be Willard's girl. She has that dimple in her chin." Neighbors were delighted to see us at their door and relatives were ready for the yearly knock from a niece. Halloween was fun back on Neff Road.

When we were older, too old to don costumes and knock on doors for candy, we knocked on doors in Greenville for Unicef. Old farm stories of Halloween consisted of cow-tipping and knocking over corn shocks. Teens still found ways to get into trouble, but we learned a way to do good.

If I lived back on Neff Road now, I think I'd put on a half-mask and head up to the Brethren Home. I'd knock on doors, "Trick or Treat." Margaret would answer and laugh hugging me close enough for her hearing aid to buzz in my ear. Victor would probably say, "Well, look who's here." A hug and kiss would follow. I'd hold his hand to go visit Doris. She would say, "Oh, my." Frances would echo her father and say, "This must be Willard's girl. I see that dimple in your chin." "Well, Pam Loxley," Leah would say then pull me in to a big hug.

It would be nice to be on Neff Road for Halloween. My bag would be full of hugs, of kisses, of love and precious memories. Ah, just to say once more, "trick or treat".

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