Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Victor Is Ninety

Ninety years old. And to think he and Doris were the youngin's on Neff Road. Now Victor is ninety.

Some people have a kindness, a peaceful spirit that draws those to him or her like a lamp does an insect. Something that warms, someone who cares.

Victor was one of the few on Neff Road who did not farm. Victor worked in the city. I remember as a child watching his car pull out of the driveway wondering where he disappeared to every day. Of course, he came home about the time we were preparing to eat dinner (or supper as we called it). They lived in a farm house. Victor donned his overalls on the weekends, but he was no farmer. He disappeared every day, and I wondered why.

I don't remember Victor ever working in the fields. They raised chicken and had a huge garden in the summer. He mowed the yard and stayed close to home on the weekends. He and Doris would sit on the porch in the evenings watching over Neff Road.

Victor's parents were horse and buggy people. Often the black buggy would be seen in the driveway with the horse grazing nearby. I remember once sitting in the empty buggy in the dark barn when I went with the Lavy's to visit the home place of this man who drove away each morning and returned each night. I got to sit in the buggy.

I wish I was at the 90th birthday celebration of a man I consider my 'dad'. I celebrate this man's gentleness and caring. I celebrate his wisdom and love. I celebrate a man who has always greeted this daughter with a hug and kiss. Victor Lavy was exactly what Neff Road represented: a safe place for children, a kind heart who cared, a friend who listened and a mystery every morning and every evening to a little farm girl who didn't understand life beyond the lane.

Happy Birthday, Victor. Happy Birthday, dear friend.


Regi said...

thanks for writing about my grandpa! I love him so much. I have many memories of staying with them.

Pamela Loxley Drake said...

Regi, I'm delighted to know you are Victor and Doris's granddaughter. I love them both with all my heart. They truly watched over me my entire life. When Victor was so ill, I visited and insisted that he not give up....I still need him in my life a bit longer.

Thank you for joining me on Neff Road.