Friday, November 26, 2010

50 Years

November 27, 1960. I was barely a teenager at 13. I wore a royal blue satin dress. My oldest sister, Peggy, was getting married. Our family was changing.

I remember crying. In my mind, I was losing a sister. I felt as if a limb of the family was being removed. I barely saw my sister as it was and knew that when she married Paul, she would move with him to Indiana. She would have a new family. One I would not be part of it.

Paul came from a farm family in Indiana. He knew the ins and outs of living on a farm. He fit right in. When Dad worked outside, Paul pitched in to help. He never sat by watching. Paul made the farm his home, too.

Paul loves to cook. Mom loved to have him in the kitchen. He learned early on that it was 'Mom's' kitchen, but Mom loved to have him there. My parents loved Paul.

My sister was a beautiful bride. I wanted her to be happy. As a little sister, I had seen the times she was sad. She was my big sister. Who would protect her if I wasn't there? But Paul made me his little sister. I learned to trust him and to know that he watched out for all of us.

My sister and Paul will be married 50 years tomorrow. 50 years! I am so proud of them. Marriage is difficult at best. They have survived many moves and deep losses. They have raised two wonderful sons. As grandparents, they are the best loving their two grandsons who live nearby.

About a year after my sister and Paul married, they invited me to stay with them at their little house in Indiana. My friend, Vivian, came along. We two boy-crazy girls managed to meet two older boys. We went to a movie with these guys. The next day we went to a dance at the community center. Viv and I twisted showing these town kids a thing or two. Later we were informed that the twist was banned in this little town. My poor sister who was then only in her twenties was aging rapidly with the responsibility of two teenage girls. It was during these times with my big sister that I really got to know her and my brother-in-law, a bond that lasted these 50 years. A love that deepened.

Happy Golden Anniversary, Peggy and Paul. I love you with all my heart. Thank you for loving me all these years from Neff Road.

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