Monday, November 1, 2010

Do You Remember?

Tools of the trade.

I stood on my son's porch. He was fastening a new ceiling over the porch of his new 'old house'. Power tools were scattered about. Watching my son took me back to the years when I was a child, to the tool of the farm.

I love to go back to farm auctions in Darke County. The old tools and items of the houses and barns take me to the house back the lane. Feed sack and twine, bales of straw and hay, wooden pulleys and chicken crates. Things not seen in the urban areas. Things my children only vaguely remember, and my grandchildren will never even know.

What do you remember? What is on your list? See if my list takes you back to memories of another time and place....a place called Neff Road.

Pitch fork
Egg basket
Egg crate with the egg shaped dividers
Scoop shovel
Grain scoop
Milk bucket
Hand held corn planter
Tobacco spear and lathe
Barbed wire fence
Cane fishing pole
Wooden single-tree
Stone wheel for knife sharpening

Wash board
Rug beater
Milk bottle
Butcher knife
Crank popcorn popper
Wooden, crank ice cream freezer
Cast iron skillet
Lemon squeezer
Potato masher
Mom's old soap container
Dad's popcorn bowl
Pop bottle opener
Wash tub
Bakelite tray

Cast iron toys
Tiny Tear Doll
Carroom Game
Tin doll house
Cowboy holster and pistols
Pop guns (we seemed to have a lot of guns)
Cap guns
Tin toys that whirled

We carry with us a history. We are history.

Happy remembering.

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