Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Farm and New York City

"Grammy, if I could go anywhere I would go to two places," my granddaughter, age 9, informed me. I would go to the farm where you lived and to New York City.

One never knows what might surface when spending time with a grandchild. Gabby always provides a constant stream of conversation. She is an observer like her grandma. I never know where our conversations will lead. Silence seems to bring on the best dialogue.

We were working on our yearly project, one that began when my children were small. The children and I create handmade ornaments then hand them out randomly to strangers the first twenty-five days of December. Scattered pine cones, pieces of bark, pre-made ornaments waiting to be painted, paint brushes, markers and sparkle covered the table top. Creativity was alive and active at the kitchen table.

"I want to see where you lived. Can we go, Grammy? Will you go with me?"

Oh, how I'd love to take her back to the farm. We would visit the white house back the lane. Walk to the bridge. Step back in time with my granddaughters holding my hands. I cannot afford to take them back and long to do so.

"Maybe some day," I answer.

"Can I make my name Loxley?" she asks. She rambles off all the possibilities of last names. She wants her history to be part of her name.

"You know, if indeed there was a Robin Hood, we are probably related since he was Robin of the House of Locksley, and our family roots started in England," I add.

"Who is Robin Hood," Gabby asks.

"You don't know who Robin Hood is?!" exclaims Sydney.

"He lived very long ago. He took money from the rich and gave to the poor," I explain.

"Can we do that?" sweet Gabby asks.

I explain that we are not going to rob the rich to give to the poor.

"You know, by making ornaments and giving them to strangers, we are giving something special a bit like Robin Hood."

The quiet sets in.

"I love New York City," she says finished with the current conversation.

"People get robbed and killed there," Sydney quickly answers.

Oh, my.......

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