Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Miracle on Neff Road

Turkey, family, dish after dish of traditional food. Memories piled high for sixty-three years of Thanksgivings.

Don't forget the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. One of my earliest memories of this special day is sitting with my sister in front of the old Raytheon TV watching the parade in black and white. For the first time, I saw huge helium balloons. A smiling dachshund drifted across the New York City skyline. It was the 1950's when the first parade was broadcast. Little did I know that I would still be filled with the same excitement at my age now as I was then.

I don't remember ever watching the parade with my parents. I'm sure Mom was busy in the kitchen preparing the 'feast', and Dad was finishing up the chores in the barn. The Johnson family would show up with the foods we craved all year long. A puzzle was set up on the card table. Wonderful smells filled the house. Pumpkin pies had been made the day before tempting us until the next day. Yet with all of this, we were drawn to this new thing taking residence in our living room. Our new TV.

I don't remember who the grand marshal was of that first televised parade. Bert Lahr, Jackie Gleason, Sid Caesar, Abbott and Costello, Jimmy Durante, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans (my favorites) and Boris Karloff were a few reigning over the parade during the 50's. At my young age, I was waiting for Santa Claus.

The parade has been a wonderful time of my growing up sharing it with my children and granddaughters. I watch Miracle on 34th Street in preparation. But I think that maybe, just maybe, the parade is dear to me because of that first time I watched it with my big sister. A sister who didn't have much in common with a sister seven years younger took time to sit with her little sister just spending time. Ah, yes, it was indeed a miracle back the lane on Neff Road.

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