Monday, November 8, 2010

New History for an Old Swing

The old porch swing.  Yes, I've written about the swing before, but this weekend the memories were to well-visited.

My phone buzzed. James had sent a text. I opened the mail to a photo of my daughter-in-law sitting on their new porch on the old family swing. A swing that was a wonderful part of the Loxley girls' growing up years.

Saturday I went to a party at the yellow house. I walked into the house and out the back door. There was my beloved swing. It was hung a bit higher than on the farm, but nonetheless, I managed to get my weary bones onto the seat. I had no longer settled in when the memories began to flow. A memory of holding my puppy, Whitey, on the bench with my Aunt Alma next to me. Memories of snapping beans and shelling peas on the porch sitting on the swing. Neighbors visited on the swing, and farm hands rested on it after dinner (lunch). Mom and Dad sat on it waiting for visitors or maybe one of their children coming home. The porch was full of memories.

Yesterday my sister called. I told her about the swing.

"I probably had my first kiss on that swing," I said.

"Oh, I remember sitting on that swing with a few boy," Peggy laughingly replied.

We talked of our memories on that dear swing.

"I remember pushing you on that swing. You were so little that your legs were straight out," Peg shared of a time I did not remember.

Mom and Dad enclosed the porch by the time my children came along. They don't have an attachment to that old swing. A glider replaced a swing. My son will not have the memories I do of that porch swing back on the farm.

I plan to sit on that swing often. I plan to tell my grandchildren the history of the old swing. I hope to rock more grandchildren on that old swing and once more hold a puppy there.

Histories continue to accumulate in the life of an old swing, an old swing that once held me on Neff Road.

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