Monday, November 15, 2010

Where Is It?

I've looked everywhere. I've asked other people if they know where it is. They don't know either. I didn't notice it was missing until I was about fifty, then I became aware that it was gone. Darn it, where did it go?!?!?!

Mom once asked me about it. One of the last times I would see her she mentioned it. I couldn't help her find it. I wasn't fully aware that it was gone. She told me that it was gone before she realized it. Where in the heck is it?

My sisters and I have tried to figure out where it went. We've talked it over time and time again. None of us noticed when it happened. How can something so precious be gone, and we not realize it? What was so important in our lives that we didn't notice, maybe not until Mom asked?

I have been trying to remember where I lost it. I know that I had it on the farm those many years ago. It was part of our lives...a slow life back the lane where time seemed to stand still. Especially true when I was a teen and wanted to move to the city. I'm still trying to remember where it went.

Maybe one of my relatives has an idea what happened to it. I know that friends and neighbors borrowed it. We had it at Painter Creek Church. Boy, did we take it for granted. I had it for a while when we lived in Wisconsin and hold it even dearer here in Oregon. I wish I could talk to Mom about it and ask her where it went.

Where does time go?

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