Monday, December 6, 2010

I Remember

The old trunk sits in front of the sofa. Papers, computers, a cup of coffee, remote controls, a candle and coasters litter the top. To look at it, you couldn't tell the treasures it holds inside. Once in awhile I open the trunk. I spend long periods of time going through the contents. The trunk is full of memories. The trunk is full of pictures.

Many of those pictures find their way to this blog. But there are those that do not. Yet those bring back memories and smiles. They are the school pictures, pictures of childhood friends and classmates. Picture of graduates with writing on the back saying things like: Friends forever; Let's keep in touch; Remember. Faces that would fade away with time. So why do I still have the pictures?

Over the years I have tossed pictures of scenery that have no meaning to anyone but me. Some of those pictures, those that are blurred or too dark, have disappeared in the recycling. Those school pictures of kids who were not really friends have also found their way out of the trunk. Yet those of my classmates who were with me during those twelve short years stay nestled in the trunk. They hold memories.

I guess we all wonder who will want our pictures some day. Who will care about those people from our past. Who will know the stories and history that accompany these pictures. Who will care.

When I knew I was going back to my high school alumni banquet last April, I went through my old pictures. I debated taking some of the pictures, the memories back with me. I wondered if anyone I knew would be there or even care about old friends and old pictures. A lifetime is short, but friends forget and move on.

It is the holidays. I look at the old trunk, a trunk that is for me a treasure chest. The pictures are just pictures that sit in the bottom of the trunk, but once opened, the trunk fills the room with the memories it holds. A lifetime is short....and I remember.

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